You have to settle for monthly updates now

So, what's been going on the past month? Lots of the same uninteresting stuff, like trying to organize stuff around the house and get things unpacked. The PHP/MySQL project for work for which I've been up to my eyeballs finally seems to be clearing, so I may actually have time to start doing things like updating and Support again. It's been really interesting, and I've learned a lot about server-side programming, but probably not enough to help out significantly with DW/LJ because I still find Perl pretty impenetrable, and I didn't have to consider a lot of scalability problems for the work site.

For Thanksgiving Jamie and I flew back to see her family in Wisconsin. I found it amusing that the question nearly everyone asked was, "How was the security?" or "Did you get [frisked]?". What people who have been following the stories only loosely may not have understood is that not everyone is required to get scanned. At BWI and Milwaukee, for instance, I only went through the same metal detectors I always go through. The millimeter-wave scanners were there, and some people were going through them, but I couldn't see a pattern to it, nor was I asked to step through. So, you do still have a choice, and it's not exhibitionism vs. groping vs. arrest.

Anyway. Off to a full week of rehearsals for 3 separate concerts!
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Oh Hi

Once again I fail at keeping journals and such updated. I'm surprised I haven't been taken off everyone's Friends/Reading list by now, but in case anyone was concerned, I'm still alive. Some updates:

Two weeks ago a giant moving truck showed up and dropped off a zillion boxes with all of Jamie's stuff. We're still sorting through all of that.

Last Tuesday we flew out to Madison, picked up some beer and coffee, then spent the next two days driving back here. It was a pretty uneventful trip, although we did get to see a massive wind farm near Lafayette, IN. Speaking of which, it felt like a tour of Midwest college towns in a way: Madison, WI (UW), Lafayette, IN (Purdue), Columbus, OH (THE OH State), and Morgantown, WV (WVU). The last one featured lunch at Sandwich U, a business that definitely knows its clientele and eating habits. Just check out that menu; I dare you not to gag.

I'm also feeling like quite the accomplished home-owner. So far I've changed a deadbolt lock, a shower head, the furnace filter and thermostat; mowed my 6'-square patch of grass, fretted over a wasp's nest, and cursed out the previous owners more times than I can count.


There's been so much going on in the last few days, I've hardly had time to log in and check my Friends page, let alone write an actual update. So, if I've missed anyone getting married or buried or any other life changes, feel free to comment. Where to begin?
  • We had the house walk-through and closed on Wednesday, kicking off four days of constant freak-out.

  • Thursday was lots of packing, because Friday the movers were showing up. The move itself went smoothly and quickly, which happens when you hire pros. Of course, the move butting up against Yom Kippur didn't help for getting stuff done on Friday night and Saturday.

  • My office is also in the middle of moving to a new location, which also occurred Friday. Thankfully, a professional crew was handling that as well, meaning I was only responsible for packing my office. Of course, it hasn't been all smooth sailing, as my keycard didn't work, my desk chair was missing, and I still have to arrange the furniture properly.

  • Speaking of the office, I don't like the new building itself because it's like a giant Faraday cage. I can barely pick up any radio stations.

  • I'm grateful that Jamie's been here to help with things and to keep me calm because it's been very stressful for both of us. My mom came in yesterday afternoon to help with organizing and unpacking. Yesterday, they completely unpacked the kitchen stuff, which is a big help. We haven't gone to a grocery store in days, so there's very little to cook anyway.

  • The other reason my mom is in town is because I'm playing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra tonight. OK, so it's not a "real" gig, it's just a reprise of what they are calling the "Rusty Musicians" concert, where regular Joe amateurs can have the opportunity to play a few pieces with the professionals. Right now I'm too worn out to be overly excited, but I'll be prepared for it.

  • Oh yeah, Support. I should probably check in there, too.

I'm sure I've forgotten lots of stuff, but that's a lot of update there.
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(Yes, it's been a while. 'Scuse me, I've been a little busy.)

It occurred to me while driving to work on Friday that I would only have to make that drive two more times. I've done it every day for the last six years, so the commute is so ingrained I barely think about it any more. It's because two things are happening simultaneously: tomorrow we close on the house and move in on Friday, and on Friday my office is moving from its home of the last 25 years to a shiny new facility built specifically for us. Well, the building was there before, but the interior is all new. We took a tour of the building yesterday and I got to see my window-less office. I can't decide if it will be an improvement over what I have now.

I also just came from the bank to get my cashier's check for the down payment and closing costs. There's something about holding a check for that much money that makes things seem more all the more real.

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(Not cross-posting from DW, because who cares)
You know what? Here's a news flash for all those people who are still in an outcry over this perceived "loss of privacy":

"Internet privacy" is a contradiction in terms. Plain and simple. If you don't want to risk something you said somewhere, even in a locked entry, to have even a remote possibility of getting out there, DON'T POST IT ON THE FUCKING INTERNET.

And stop whining about whatever threatens your perception of "privacy" on the Internet, because you don't have any. This really is not a hard concept, but it will come as quite a shock to some.

30 Days (or fewer) of Music: #6

Oh, this was supposed to be a daily meme, not a weekly one? I'm definitely going to skip a few days, because some of these options are pretty stupid. I can't really think of a song/piece of music that makes me cry

Day 6: Your favorite band.

I still don't really listen to "bands" anymore (and I'm not going to count orchestras), but back in the day, my favorite band was the progressive metal band Dream Theater. From the first time I heard them back in about 1993, I realized how awesomely talented they were. They aren't just any old hair-metal band, several of the members met at Berklee College, the jazz-rock conservatory in Boston. They have an official YouTube channel, on which is posted the video of their first big hit:

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30 Days (or fewer) of Music Meme

Stolen from coffeechica and dawna. There's no way I'll be able to keep this up for 30 whole days, especially because I don't listen to enough popular music or "songs" to fill out the list. Instead, I'll just pick & choose or skip where necessary.

Day 1: Your Favorite Song

There is no way I could pick out one song or piece of music as my absolute favoritest ever, but if I had to, it would almost certainly be something by Richard Strauss. I think he's viewed as something of an egotist in the classical music world, especially for writing at least two musical tributes to himself (Symfonia Domestica and Ein Heldenleben, "A Hero's Life"). Still, the man could write some beautifully lush music. This clip is taken from his orchestral suite to Der Rosenkavalier and is the instrumental version of the final trio from the end of the opera. The first time I ever heard this suite, I was transfixed through this entire section.

Also, what is mayerman doing in the oboe section? O_o

And if you're going to insist that to be part of this meme, there has to be vocals, here you go:

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